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MES Has Department of Labor Contract While Their Dr. Goetz Commits Fraud For MetLife In An ERISA Disability Case.
This Occurred after the Department of Labor Gave MetLife a Third Non Prosecution Agreement Where They Agreed To Follow All Laws

Part One
MES Press Release about DOL Contract
Non Prosecution Agreement Details
Part Two
Evidence of MES’s Doctor Goetz Committing Fraud For MetLife by Ignoring Medical Evidence Including Extensive Evidence of Bloody Falls and Accidents in my U.S. Title 29 Disability Case.
MES’s Dr. Goetz did this after seeing quotes where my Psychologist wrote that three other MetLife Doctors ignored medical evidence regarding my right eye cancer and caused “Significant Destabilization” and MetLife “seemed reckless, dangerous, and inhumane”
(Link to Psychologists full report is seen at the end of this document)
This claims determination fraud was committed after MetLife admitted to multiple frauds and admitted paying $10 million dollars of illegal kickbacks to one broker to promote the sales of these policies.
MetLife admitted that it was given the opportunity to rebid so it could beat competitors bids !!
Then MetLife entered into its third Non Prosecution agreement where the DOJ wrote that MetLife agreed :
“It is understood that, for the two year terms of the agreement, MetLife shall (A) commit no crimes whatsoever’
“It is further understood that, for the term of this agreement, MetLife shall continue to maintain and strengthen its internal standards and procedures, consistent with Appendix B”
Appendix B Page 3 :
“MetLife has established a Code of Business conduct and Ethics (“the Code”) that applies to all employees of MetLife and its affiliates. Among other things, the Code requires all MetLife employees to comply with all laws rules and regulations affecting MetLife’s business and its conduct in business affairs.”
This agreement was signed on April 15th2010, and the fraud seen in section two occurred in February 2011 !!
The DOL will do nothing in spite of the extreme stress this is causing me, and soon I will have insufficient money for living and medical treatment during the years it takes to get my case heard by the local court and U.S. Appeals Court, where MetLife takes many very sick claimants !!
Part One
I was shocked when I found the following press release at
HOUSTON, June 8 /PRNewswire/ — MES Solutions announced today the award of the United States Department of Labor Office of  Workers Compensation Programs contract for the Seattle District Office. The OWCP administers four major disability compensation programs which provide wage replacement benefits, medical treatment, vocational rehabilitation and other benefits to certain workers or their dependents that experience work-related injury or occupational disease.
Part Two
Evidence of MES doctor Committing Fraud By Omissions
MES's Consultant Ophthalmologist Dr. Goetz was paid by MetLife in 2011 to review my medical records.
In his written report Dr. Goetz never mentioned one word about my bloody falls and accidents that are well documented in the medical records.
Dr. Goetz was the third doctor paid by MetLife who completely ignored falls and accidents !!
Dr. Goetz also ignored important medical quotes written by one of my surgeons who is Chief of Ophthalmology at Baptist Hospital in Nashville.
MetLife specifically asked my right eye surgeon Dr. Trent Wallace to respond to a report written by MetLife’s consultant Dr. Weber in February 2010.
In April 2010 Dr. Wallace wrote a one page letter to correct gross errors written by MetLife’s consultant Dr. Weber.
MES’s Dr. Goetz’s report indicated that he read Dr. Wallace’s letter from 2010, but he never mentioned the following quotes.
 Dr. Wallace wrote :
“I hope I have not been misunderstood.  I did not mean to say that you did not have any problems with your right eye from the treatment of the tumor.  You have a large blind spot in the right eye with a large area of loss of central vision. I am sure that this loss of central vision causes a considerable loss of depth perception and difficulties in many areas of your life every day”.
Dr. Wallace wrote this about my left eye :
“I did notice the eye movements and Nystagmus in 2008”
Dr. Wallace wrote this about my right eye vision loss and left eye Nystagmus :
“loss of vision in one eye and Nystagmus in the other eye can greatly affect someone’s lifestyle and someone’s ability to work in many occupations”
(end of quotes)
Dr. Goetz never mentioned one word about these quotes and problems. Then without seeing me or speaking with me, Dr. Goetz wrote that he disagreed with half of the restrictions that my doctors recommended.
He did that while never mentioning one word about my bloody falls and accidents that are well documented in my medical records.
Dr. Goetz Ignores Overwhelming Evidence of Left Eye Pulsing
I'm legally blind in my right eye because of cancer. I had orbital surgery on the left eye and provided a DVD that shows it pulsing in sync with my heart beat.
The record reviewed by Dr. Goetz shows where I repeatedly told MetLife it is my left eye pulsing.
I wrote this multiple times because in 2010 MetLife’s consultant Dr. Weber also falsely wrote it is the right eye seen in the DVD.
In spite of this in 2011 Dr. Goetz falsely wrote it was my right cancerous eye that pulsed and said that would not cause left eye problems.
Here are Goetz's quotes :
“The DVD that was provided solely focused on the right eye, and did not provide any documentation of unusual movements in the left eye. While the DVD seems to suggest that the right eye may have some downbeat nystagmus, due to the patients poor central vision in that right eye, any unusual involuntary movements would not cause subjective complaints of Oscillopsia in the left eye.”
(end of quotes)
Before writing this Dr. Goetz read the one page letter that I sent declaring my appeal that had the following quote :
“The DVD is my left eye pulsing, not the right eye. I shot the video in a mirror, either the camera or the mirror reverses the image. It is my left eye that pulses, I see and feel the pulse inside even when it can’t be seen outside. I’ve reported this since the orbital surgery. It causes a very significant distracting pulse in my image all day everyday.”
(end of quote)
There are many more quotes about the left eye pulsing in the evidence that Dr. Goetz reviewed !!
Here are more quotes I sent to MetLife telling them it is my left eye pulsing in the DVD.
MetLife received the following 12 paragraphs before they denied my claim in June 2011 but they did nothing to correct Dr. Goetz's error !!
“Three consultants paid by MetLife have ignored the fact that my left eye pulses in sync with every heart beat.  This is very significant because I am legally blind in my right eye.  In spite of extensive documentation Metlife’s consultants have repeatedly ignored the fact that it is my left eye that is seen pulsing in the video I have submitted.  They repeatedly write it is the right eye and act like this is not a problem since I am legally blind in the right eye.
In 2010 Metlife’s consultant Dr. Weber saw the video and referred to this as “a blink, and followed by a down gaze and this was done repeatedly”.
In 2011 Metlife’s consultant Dr. Goetz saw the video and referred to the movement as “the right eye in straight and downgaze”
I have repeatedly made it very clear it is my left eye that is pulsing in the video.  My medical records and letter to my left eye surgeon Dr. Wesley also prove this.
I can feel the pulse and see numerous distortions, including a wavy rippling affect that radiates from the pulsing image like a ripple caused by a rock thrown into water !!!
The image jump I actually see is much more pronounced than the pulse seen on the video. I would guess that is because the source of the pulsing is closer to my optic nerve or whatever is causing the image to jump with every pulse. I noticed it and reported it to my surgeon right after the surgery.
How am I supposed to survive and have the energy and stamina and speed of a normal person when I cannot fixate on objects because I am legally blind in my right eye and my left eye image pulses with every heart beat ?  I am not doing well with it now as evidenced by my extensive records of falls and accidents and near falls and accidents.
This is not voluntary, my left eye pulses in sync with my heart beat. I have reported this to my surgeon Dr. Wesley since the left eye orbital surgery in 1989.
My left eye was removed from the socket and a large mass and part of the bone by the brain was removed. Before the surgery my eye bulged and I saw a big dark circle in the eyes image, so it’s not surprising that I still have problems with the eye.
Dr. Wesley told me not to worry about the pulsing so I didn’t, and I received 7 management promotions over the next ten years. Right before the right eye cancer  I was promoted to be National Field Manager on Mosaic's Epson Project and was transferred to be National Field Manager on Mosaic's LEGO Toy Merchandising Project, where I received a commendable performance evaluation and a raise while managing 200 employees and created and wrote training manuals and did the final edit that was sent to LEGO’S top managers.
I also received two Awards of Excellence when I worked for PIA Merchandising representing Disney movies. My managers told me that Disney implemented an idea I had regarding the design of their beautiful 3D movie displays that are seen in stores nationwide.
It’s easy to see the pulsing jumps in my non dominant left eye image were not a vocational or safety issue until I got cancer in my dominant right eye”
(end of quotes)
To see the full reports where my Psychologist wrote that MetLife was reckless, dangerous and inhumane please go to :
To See How Directors'of the Bush and Obama Administrations Did Nothing After Seeing Evidence of Identical Crimes and Mass Manslaughter Committed By Multiple Insurance Companies in Five Different Types of Insurance Please Go To :
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